Our party themes thus far……


The final siren has sounded.….Go to bed!!!

The footy fanatic slumber party.

(Blankets will be supplied in your child's favourite footy colours)


Heading off to bed!

The soccer enthusiast slumber party.


Stop travelling and stay home!

The basketball fan slumber party.


Pasture bedtime!

The Horse lovers slumber party.


Sleep between the flags!

For the kids who love the water, slumber party.


Take a step into bed!

Eat, netball, sleep, repeat, slumber party.


I don’t know!

The mix it up slumber party.  Choose a mix of all themes.


OMG I can't survive without my bestie!

The inseparable duo slumber party.


*Due to popular demand we have created some non sporty packages*


Enchanted Forest!

Sleep amongst the wilderness slumber party.


A splash of colour!

Pastel perfection slumber party.


Gamer Zone!

The gamers only slumber party.


Midnights become my afternoons!

The ultimate Swiftie slumber party.


Safari dreams!

The jungle vibes slumber party.

(If the animal cushions aren't your vibe, we can replace them with a different cushion)


Just wing it!

Our gorgeous butterfly theme, fluttering into your household for a slumber party.

Stuck for Space!

Our compact setup when space is limited. (Any theme for 4 - 6 beds)


More themes coming soon 


*We will also try our best to work with your party theme*