Do I have to set up the teepees?

Leave it up to my team.  We will come in and set it up and collect the next day, while you sit back and relax.


How long do I have the teepees for?

You will have the teepees for up to 24hrs depending on availability for set up and pickup. 


What is included?

A foam mattress. Linen including a light weight doona & blanket.  Breakfast tray and accessories to suit your theme. 

**The only thing you need to provide is a pillow per child**


Do I have to pay for any damages as kids will be kids?

A bond of $100 is required.  We understand that with children accidents happen.  However equipment must be returned to us on packup day in its original condition.  The bond will be returned to you if there are no soiled or broken items as we want other families to enjoy our slumber parties too.

          How much space is required?

          You will need to move your furniture to cater for each tent.  You will need to make room for each teepee being 100cm wide, 130cm high and allow 2 metres in length.  Please move all furniture out of the way to make set up as smooth and quick as possible.


         How do I know they’re clean?

         In between each use our party linen will be washed in sensitive washing liquid and accessories sanitized between each use.


What age group are the parties best suited to? 

          We suggest primary school and early secondary school children.


         Are you insured?

         Yes we have public liability insurance.